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Liam Boyd


Liam is a charismatic, grounded, and passionate artist who is known for the authenticity and charm that he brings into every room. Growing up, Liam found himself drawn to a wide array of creative outlets, such as drumming, fancy-trick rodeo roping, Irish-step dancing (for which he’s ranked tenth in the world), alongside his love of singing and acting. This cross training continually motivates him to gain new perspectives on life and instill those perspectives into his artistry. Liam has appeared as both Jamie in the Last Five Years and the Baker in Into the Woods at Arizona State University. Regionally, he has performed in Bandstand, the Prom, ELF the musical, and more! Liam aims to inspire and motivate audiences through genuine storytelling. In his free time, Liam enjoys nerding out over basketball, spontaneous jam sessions, and long walks with his mom and pups, Lucky and Charlotte.

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